Carl Pycraft R.I.P

carl_pycraft_001Ashby/Pycraft portrait collaboration

In remembrance of my father Carl Pycraft who died 4 years ago. June 6th 1931- February 3rd 2013.

Fraudsters Bettina StierliSelwyn Levin conspired with her daughter Tania Levin to defraud me of 1,765,525.45 ZAR (£108,000) from the money that my mother left me, who died slowly and painfully from cancer and from my father who died of a stroke. My parents wanted me to be safe, happy and independent. They loved me and I loved them. They wished me to succeed to the best of my ability, to be in an emotional and financial situation that enabled me to reach my full potential.

They wanted me to support myself in a legal and moral way and to be emphatic and considerate of others.  They hoped I was healthy mentally and physically.  When my parents died they would have been less anxious if this had been the case, knowing I would have carried on the benefit I had from them after they had gone. If they knew they were helping financially there would have been comfort for them, knowing that I would be helped materially with my living requirements. They knew emotionally it would be hard, but in time, I would manage and continue to live with their love within me to give me confidence and for dealing with others.

My mother was brave, never complaining about the pain of suffering from cancer, vomiting, diarrhoea, unable to eat, she kept her hope for recovery alive and protected me and my siblings from her pain in comparison to Tania Levin’s cowardly behaviour of manipulating, stealing and destroying her family. My mother fiercely loved us always whipping out photos of us and talking about what we were doing/achieving, trying to keep us all together whereas Tania Levin has destroyed her family. Our family comes from strong Quaker/church roots of respect for others and philanthropy such as our great grandfather giving up his fortune to benefit society. My intention to help with the Temple Trust, though misguided, came from good intention. Tania Levin only has selfish intentions which benefit no-one and she is destroying her family with no positive gain for others or lineage and no heritage to pass on but self-interest and greed. 

May his soul be in PEACE  Bardo Thodal the Tibetan Book of the Dead an independent spirit who was true to himself – followed his own road, quietly but with determination.  He shared an active sporting life with our family, sailing, riding, playing tennis, skiing and he  listened and always supported our ideas.

He valued our independence, relished our spirit, and his support gave us confidence and strength.  Happy to support us in our journeys of self-discovery.

His own journey through life had brought him to a calm quietness of spirit – Carl was Carl – and that is who is now face to face with the God who gave him that wicked sense of humour. The sweep of the river, the bloom on the gorse, the winding lanes. For, those of us who remember him to-day, remember him, in other times, in other seasons, remember him as Father, Grandfather, friend.

And bring to God memories of a kind word, an impish smile, and – let’s face it – a wicked sense of humour…

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