Solitaire the dancer

I am keen to do some new shoots but it is really important to reflect on what I have done in the past and where I am now.  I’m not doing these posts in any particular chronological order, just as I come across the pictures that I like and then I can order the posts in the date order that the pictures were shot.

Solitaire very kindly helped me out at the last minute on a shoot for a Channel 4 programme entitled “What Really Happened William and Harry” that was hosted by Jacques Peretti  investigating how the Princes emerged as modern A-list celebrities.


We did the shoot at Bordello, luxurious lingerie and all things boudoiresque, on 8th December 2008 relating to a Prince Harry incident on 20th October  2004 when Prince Harry came out of the then Pangaea and hit a paparazzi photographer Chris Uncle. This was a more interesting contrast than looking like a steorotypical pap standing outside a club randomly flashing people leaving.

Three days earlier I did a shot with Sobriety and Glamour Kitten doing the styling that was the first time I had done my own creative shoot for far too long

The second shoot we did with Solitaire was 23rd March 2009 and this was another Ashby/Pycraft production and we shot these pictures in the flat upstairs, on the stairwell and on the roof of the apartment block where I live. I like this shot and the mellow natural lighting.