Aaron Barschak aka ‘The Comedy Terrorist,’ Witney comeback tour 2010

Aaron Barschak aka ‘The Comedy Terrorist’ was driven away by police after gatecrashing Prince William’s 21st birthday celebrations on 22nd June 2003 in the early hours of the morning. Barschak, dressed as Osama Bin Laden, scaled one of the castle walls, and bluffed his way past security into the party. Once inside, he got up on stage with Prince William, sang a song, and planted a kiss on his cheek. Unsuspecting guests thought the stunt was part of the entertainment but after leaving the stage he was swiftly picked up by police.

Barschak has a record of causing disruption and has been arrested on several occasions at major events. This is one one of my favourite news pictures, the story which we broke through the News of the World, that sent shockwaves around the world when it first broke, no one being sure of Barschak’s identity.

Aaron Barschak

Will Barschak make a comeback in 2010…?

Aaron Barschak

Aaron Barschak, who is standing as an Independent in the Witney Consituency against David Cameroon for the General Election at the Witney Town outskirts.

Aaron Barschak

Has  Witney  found  an  unlikely  Saviour? Partly  funded  by  author  Will  Self,  who  donated  £150:00,  to  the cause,  the   Ex-Royal  Gatecrasher,  is  trying  to  spoil  a  new  Party,  by  running  against David  Cameron  in his own  constituency. With  “My  Brother’s  Keeper”  on  his  green  jersey,  dressed  as  a  messianic, superhero, goalie,  Barschak  hopes  to  highlight  the  mistreatment  of  bonafide  Asylum  seekers,  in  the  system  with  his sign  Campsfield  House  Party,  referring  to  the   notorious  detention  centre,  not far  from  Witney.  Self  will be  interviewing  Barschak  on   radio  4’s  Today  Programme,  along  with  performance  artist  Mark  McGowan. In  the  spirit  of  the  campaign  trail,  Barschak  will  be  keeping  a  journal  and/or  blog Beer  and  Polling  in Las  Dave-Ass.  Keeping  in  tune  with  the seventies,  Barschak’s   slogan  is  appropriated  from  the  stoner comedian  duo  Cheech  and  Chong.  Aptly   enough  for  Witney  it  is  “DAVE’S  NOT  HERE”.

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  1. Way to go Aaron! We’d like to pledge £50 to your campaign, cash if you like – support from Hampstead xxx
    please contact re the contribution.

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