Offshorealert Conference 2017

Looking forward to getting more advice on catching a certain Swiss Fraudster at the Offshorealert Conference. Finally caught up with Niket Mehta and Shawn who have a shared experience of a certain lawyer who thinks he can act with impunity. The Swiss- Mexican-Indian Connection.


Niket Mehta and Shawn


Offshoreallert Conference, 13-14th November 2017, Grange Street, St Paul鈥檚 Hotel London

Monday looks interesting with Mark Chudleigh Partner Sedgwick LLP

Regulating The World’s Most Protected Species: Offshore Lawyers

Lawyers are front and centre of every financial scheme, both legal and illegal, and are there again if a scheme collapses, representing both management and victims.

When it comes to offshore jurisdictions, they seem to operate with impunity.

This session will look at existing and prospective laws to regulate offshore lawyers.

Including :

路 Cayman’s Legal Practitioners Bill;

路 The BVI Legal Professions Act 2015;

路 Recent case law regarding the recovery of foreign lawyers’ costs in litigation;

路 The entry of foreign law firms, lawyers and Insolvency Practitioners into local jurisdictions, the practice of ‘postboxing’, and the practice of offshore law/corporate restructuring in foreign jurisdictions;

路 Local rules regarding the use of London QCs/junior barristers in Court hearings;

路 Local debates (legal, political, regulatory) regarding the use of Conditional Fee/Contingency Fee arrangements in offshore jurisdictions;

路 Increasing levels of AML/ATF/CSP/tax evasion/sanctions/ABC regulation;

路 Examples of allegedly substandard, negligent or dishonest legal advice contributing to financial losses (whether by clients or counterparties) 鈥 which might arguably have been reduced or avoided if regulatory standards were higher (whether in design or in enforcement).


Paparazzi and Propaganda: Infamous Paparazzo Legend Charles Pycraft Tells All

In this JaysAnalysis exclusive, ten year veteran paparazzo Charles Pycraft and Bolly the Conspiracy Realist joins me to spill the beans on how mass media manipulation and celebrity culture creation really works. With both wild and entertaining stories, Mr. Pycraft shares his unique insights on fake and staged news, PR manufactured events, psychological operations, the UK hack and crack scandal, celebrity ‘nipple’ and ‘muff’ “accidents,” hoaxed scandals, publicity stunts, intelligence agencies, tabloids and mass media. A hilarious chat! Sometimes Skype from the US to UK is dodgy, so it was the best I could do. This is the first free half of a full interview which can be obtained by subscribing at the PayPal links for 4.95 a month or 60.00 per year. Purchase signed copies of Jay’s book here: