Congratulations Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Back in my Paparazzi Days, Prince Harry gave me my first great pap picture and I wish him well in his marriage to the excellent actress and lovely Meghan Markle who was brilliant in Suits.

Prince Harry with Darren Hajul, who was a member of boy band Most Wanted post-Polo.

Darren Hajul

The Royals have been great over the years and Prince Harry has given up some excellent pictures. This shot was taken back in 2003 and was the establishing shot of Prince Harry’s future wild antics.

Prince Harry

Cartier International Polo – party Smith’s Lawn, Windsor Great Park, Egham. Quintessentially and Chinawhite co-host exclusive bash with champagne reception, seated lunch and afterparty. Revellers including Prince Harry attended the afterparty. Prince Harry and his friends were dancing on the tables, as the alcohol flowed. The young Prince had a great time joining in with the celebrations and giving up some fun pictures.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry took offense to photographer Chris Uncle after a 4 hour drinking session at exclusive London nightclub Pangaea. Clearly agitated as he emerged from the club, the Prince pushed Chris Uncle’s camera into his face, bruising his lip and had to be restrained by his bodyguard. Prince Harry’s actions went down well with the public and further increased Royal popularity. It seemed to be Uncle’s unlucky day, as he had earlier been throttled by the boyfriend of Meg Matthews (Noel Gallagher’s ex) outside the Hill pub in Camden.

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