Follow in the path of Genghis Khan and come out of the economic downturn as a corporate “emperor”

Astrologically and Feng Shui wise we can look at any political or economic situation in any county or for any leader. The moral of the story being that if Genghis Khan could be humble and listen and learn, anyone can.

Master Simon Wong is a Feng Shui, Spiritual Master, Chinese Astrology expert, an artist, football coach and musician. He is the Founder of Yellow Dragon Fist Kung Fu, a 7th Generation Master of Bamboo Forest Temple Praying Mantis Kung Fu and a 8th Grade Black Sash with the A.M.A.

His book, Success For 2010: YEAR of the TIGER 2010 Astrology and Flying Star Feng Shui is a manual for improving and making your life easier and avoiding unnecessary problems for the year ahead and the future in general.

For thousands of years rulers, kings, emperors and leaders have sought wise counsel from spiritual Masters such as Master Simon Wong. The knowledge contained within his book is the kind of knowledge that was only available to the rich and powerful as they ruled over their empires and people. Master Simon Wong is now making his unique knowledge widely available so that anybody can take control over their own life.

In 1219 Eternal Spring and his eighteen disciples left their home base in Qixia in Shandong and travelled for 2 years to reach the Great Snow Mountain in present-day Afghanistan. Here the Universal Mongol Emperor, Genghis Khan was staying with his army on an expedition to the West. Eternal Spring became a political advisor to the Mongol emperor. Genghis Khan wanted to know how to rule his vast empire and learn how to remain healthy and vigorous in old age. Eternal Spring advised the Mongol emperor to practice All True Taoism, urging the latter to respect Heaven, love the people and refrain from killing. In particular, the Eternal Spring recommended: β€œYour Majesty now rules all the land bordering on the Four Seas. What you need, Sire, is to suspend the use of force of arms, assign the wise to rule the people, and lessen or exempt tax to let all the people have rest and recuperation so as to usher in peace for the entire empire.” The recommendation was accepted. After a year with Genghis Khan as his advisor, Eternal Spring requested retirement. Genghis Khan made him the patriarch of all Taoists in his domains after reluctantly letting him go.

The global economic meltdown could have been avoided with corporate leaders and businessmen, the modern day emperors following the right advise and running their companies more efficiently. Finance and the economy is modern day warfare. Set against the present backdrop of uninspired world leadership and the implosion of the global financial markets never has the importance of good stewardship and spiritual insight been more important. The forecast for 2009 looked bleak and 2010 will be a year of change and conflict. But rest assured with a true understanding of Feng Shui and Astrology that Master Simon Wong’s book can give you, your mind will be put to rest.

Master Simon Wong

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