John Terry’s super injunction versus astrology

It looks like John Terry’s, super injunction failed against his own  astrology. After photographing him for years with wild ladies it was only a matter of time before it caught up with him, although I’m sure most people in JT’s position would find it hard not to enjoy life to the full. But John Terry has given us some great pictures, has always been totally cool with us and is a great player unlike Rio Ferdinand.

John Terry is the Year of the Monkey and this Year he is against the Year God. As soon as we have bad astrology any negative actions or associations we keep can cause us problems, as the energy from the astrology and our own actions connect. The Year of the Tiger, Pig and Snake also have to be careful this year so check our book and avoid unnecessary problems.

John Terry

“Power changes everything till it is difficult to say who are the heroes and who the villians… And magic itself is neither good nor bad; it is intent that makes it either.'”               — Libba Bray (The Sweet Far Thing)

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