Lindsay Lohan back in town

On the first day of the Chinese New Year this naughty Tiger, Lindsay Lohan is back in London to host a special post-Brit awards fundraiser at Altitude 360 where she’ll be helping to raise cash for the Red Cross’ aid efforts in Haiti. Lindsay has been very generous in the past with pictures and in her astrology this Year it is no good for relationships because she is against the Year God. There could be a lot of problems for most couples, fighting and at worse with both partners physically hurting each other. Lindsay should avoid having love affairs and spend more time together working on her relationship. If she need to separate she will need to be calm and sensible, her life is more important than her relationship.

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Lindsay Lohan

“Because you don’t notice the light without a bit of shadow. Everything has both dark and light. You have to play with it till you get it exactly right.”

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14 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan back in town

  1. Man, you should get a medal for this pic =P
    I have to ask, is that the only pic you took that time? 9/11/2006

  2. Really? well… I’ll be refreshing the page then =)

    I’m gonna visit some other site meanwhile *wink*

  3. Well… a month has passed. I guess you forgot.
    Never mind, it’s cool.


  4. OMG… Sorry I forgot… but can you blame me?
    I’ll set google calendar now for July.

  5. How you doing? I’m fine, thank you.
    Can you see the mail I entered here? You can send it there if you don’t wanna post it, you know…


  6. Hi… everything OK?
    I’ve been busing fighting a BIOS virus, that’s why the delay =P
    Yeah, it’s better you don’t publish the comments anymore, it’s getting ridiculous xD
    So in case you don’t see my mail, here it is:

    I’ll be waiting. It’s not a joke man, who’s laughing? …besides you =P

  7. come on man, gimme those pics (and HQ OK? =P)
    Please? I have access to the ftp of photo agencies but you know, there’s only pics for the last 45 days or so there.

    Ok see you next month.

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