Mistress Arella

A cold November shoot back in November 2008 with Mistress Arella. Since July 2008 I have been working with Paul Ashby building up our creative portfolio with a view to having an exhibition on dominatrixes this year called “Queens of the Realm.”  I am less interested in working with “fashion models” and prefer working with interesting character models, which is what Arella certainly is. Having worked as a paparazzi photographer since October 1999 it is great to build up and do PR for charismatic personalities who are not in the public eye and get back to my pre-pap creative studio roots.

Celebrity culture can be very voyeuristic and unsatisfying as you do not engage with your subject. There is a “mutually antagonistic” relationship that can be creatively corrosive and bad for your soul if you are not careful. Hence the need to be constantly creative and to work on interesting projects.

Mistress Arella

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