Tania Levin Crime Syndicate

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” Buddha

Tania Samantha Levin

The News of the World Story that Tania Levin was paid £5,000 for after betraying Vivian Imerman’s trust and causing his wife to divorce Vivian in a £15 million settlement

Tania Samantha Levin News of the World

Turner: They’ll print it. Three Days of the Condor

The never-ending saga of the Tania Samantha Levin Crime Syndicate. The documentary The Red Pill gives an insight into how Ms Levin plays the system to commit the “Perfect Crime.” Tania the fraudster and potential killer’s story started with the News of the World and was followed up in this Grapes of Wrath article:

“…After another marathon sex session, Tania Samantha Levin woke up to be greeted by a silver tray on which lay a string of pearls. Vivian Imerman the Man from Del Monte. then took her out shopping and it was like a scene from Pretty Woman. ‘He led me into the most opulent store and told me to try on anything I liked. As I went into the changing room, the girls kept on bringing me more and more of the dresses he had chosen while he sat sipping coffee. The bill was around £10,000.’ On another occasion, Imerman picked up a copy of Vogue, chose the most expensive design from one of its pages and it was delivered to their hotel room within nine hours

When Tania Levin was born her father Selywn Levin committed fraud in a South Africa dumping his wife and children, fleeing to Britain with his new lover and  suiciding his brother after leaving him to take the fall.

Selywn was a convicted fraudster friend and business associate of Vivian Imerman and was enraged. ‘I don’t want to be left to pick up the pieces,’ he warned. But Tania was in “love” and the presents kept flowing. The next trip was to the tycoon’s picturesque home in South Africa, on Clifton Beach in Cape Town, set on a secluded beach with a magnificent swimming pool. He bought his Mistress thousands of pounds worth of jewellery: bracelets, a gold watch, a gold and diamond ring decorated with three elephants, a £1,500 Cartier watch, a blue amethyst heart ring of the same value and another pearl necklace…”

“Heaven never defaults. The wicked are sure of their wages, sooner or later!” Edwin Hubbell Chapin

I fully support Sex Worker’s Rights and believe decriminalising is the way forward. To suggest Tania Samantha Levin was a prostitute or a Sex Worker would be an insult to Sex Workers who provide an important and valuable service. Tania looks down on and despises professional sex workers, who actually work for a living without a never ending criminal sense of entitlement. Tania Levin, is a totally amoral user, abuser, thief and liar. Her racist Apartheid loving mother Bettina Stierli even had the temerity to suggest that I somehow as a third party had to pay for her relationship. Having been unwilling slave to Tania Levin I had a taste of what Modern Day Slavery and Coercion was all about after my unfortunate 17 year association. Tania Levin is a female version of Rob Titchener from the Archers but with a real-life trail of betrayal and destruction in her wake.


 had the misfortune of meeting Tania Samantha Levin in 1998 and was rinsed out by her over a 17-year period for over £500,000 in work done and picture sales. Tania never worked a day in her life yet somehow managed to get three houses and claimed she paid for them herself. Tania Levin also illegally had 2 council properties in Newham in her name as she expanded her illegal £ million property portfolios. These properties that the students paid for were supposed to be the cornerstone of a Buddhist Temple Trust charitable project that she misappropriated for herself. Miss Levin not only stole my inheritance money but also stole over £1.25 million in Buddhist charitable property assets. Could anyone stoop any lower than stealing from the Buddha, yes Ms Levin could! Ms Levin is a deeply flawed and insecure individual who was desperate to be famous but couldn’t even make it as a glamour model. Her only claim to fame was selling out one of her “clients” aka victims, the Man from Del Monte to the News of the World in 1998.


“Only crime and the criminal, it is true, confront us with the perplexity of radical evil; but only the hypocrite is really rotten to the core.” Hannah Arendt

South African fraudsters Bettina Stierli and career criminal Selwyn Levin conspired with their daughter Tania Samantha Levin to defraud me of 1,765,525.45 ZAR (£108,000) in 2015 from the money that my mother left me, who died slowly and painfully from cancer and from my father who died of a stroke in 2013

Tania Samantha Levin thinks she can use my stolen money to get her dodgy lawyer XXXXXX XXXXXX, at XXXXXXX, XXXXXX XXX XXXX to get her off her crimes but he is knowingly using laundered money and cannot verify where the money is coming from that is being used to pay his fees as he knows it was stolen from me.”


Convicted fraudster Selwyn Rodney Levin who spent time in a Botswanan jail Born 10th March 1948

“The divine wrath is slow indeed in vengeance, but it makes up for its tardiness by the severity of the punishment.
[Lat., Lento quidem gradu ad vindictam divina procedit ira, sed tarditatem supplicii gravitate compensat.]
– Valerius Maximus I, 1, 3

Crime Boss Bettina Stierli from Johannesburg, South Africa who uses her European Touch Beauty Clinic as a front for her criminal empire lives under the illusion that somehow conspiracy to defraud and aiding and abetting a crime has no legal consequences and is victimless. It is not and as one of her victims there is a legal price to pay and its name is Justice.


Carl Eric Heaton Pycraft 6th 1931 – February 3rd 2013 – God Rest his Soul

“Tania Levin I’m watching you and I never came into your dream. Your dream is everyone else’s nightmare, causing misery and suffering to whoever you touch. You are the opposite of Martin Luther King Jr’s…I have a dream…

Property in my name

How dare you use my name in vain to justify your sick and twisted criminal activities to manipulate and defraud everyone around you and then the next day claim that the money I left to my son was a gift to you. It wasn’t, I wanted him to have his own property and study.


Ms Levin you are seriously deluded and need to seek help! If your parents don’t go straight to hell then I will be seeing them soon.”

That is my father’s message to you and I don’t need to be in a dream to communicate that to you.

As with any child my parents wanted me to be safe, happy and independent. They loved me and I them. They wished me to succeed to the best of my ability, to be in an emotional and financial situation that enabled me to reach my full potential.

In remembrance of my father Carl Pycraft who died on February 3rd 2013. My parents wanted me to support myself in a legal and moral way and to be emphatic and considerate of others.  They wanted all their children to be healthy spiritually, mentally and physically and productive members of society. When my parents died they would have been less anxious if this had been the case, knowing I would have carried on the benefit I had from them after they had gone. If they knew they were helping financially there would have been comfort for them, knowing that I would be helped materially with my living requirements. They knew emotionally it would be hard, but in time, I would manage and continue to live with their love within me to give me confidence and for dealing with others.

My mother was brave, never complaining about the pain of suffering from cancer, vomiting, diarrhoea, unable to eat, she kept her hope for recovery alive and protected me and my siblings from her pain. In comparison to Tania Samantha Levin’s cowardly behaviour of manipulating, stealing and destroying her family. My mother fiercely loved us always whipping out photos of us and talking about what we were doing/achieving, trying to keep us all together. Whereas Tania Levin has destroyed her family. Our family comes from strong Quaker/church roots of respect for others and philanthropy such as our great grandfather giving up his fortune to benefit society. My intention to help with the Jen Wai Tong Buddhist Temple Trust, though misguided, came from good intention. Tania Samantha Levin only has selfish criminal intentions which benefit no-one and she only destroys anyone unfortunate enough to cross her path with no positive gain for others, lineage or no heritage to pass on, just selfishness and greed. 

May my father’s soul be at PEACE. He valued our independence, relished our spirit, and his support gave us confidence and strength.  Happy to support us in our journeys of self-discovery. His own journey through life had brought him to a calm quietness of spirit. Carl was Carl and he has faced with the God who gave him that wicked sense of humour. The sweep of the river, the bloom on the gorse, the winding lanes where we grew up. For, those of us who remember him today, remember him, in other times, in other seasons, remember him as Father, Grandfather and friend. Out of respect to my father, myself and my ancestors this matter will be resolved and Justice shall prevail.


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